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More Yarn

Cone Yarns in all sizes and colors.


Embossed Aran Sweater

aran sweater crop.jpg

Embosssed Aran Sweater from the Combination Techniques with Pizzazz Book.

Sweater is not for sale. Book is available.

Tuck Lace Sweater with beads

tucklace & beads crop.jpg

Sample of a techniques using tuck stitches with lace and beads. 

This technique can be found in the Classic Lace & Exciting Combination Book in the Machine Knitting Instruction Book section of our shop. 

We have a very large selection of the yarn used to make this sweater in a variety of colors.

Sample Only. Sweater is Not For Sale.

Indian Designs of the Americas Coat

indian coat crop.jpg

Front side of the Indian Coat. Pattern is from The Knitting With Your Indian and Egyptian Designs Book. Design Graphs are available for hand or machine knitters.

Coat is Not For Sale. Design Graphs are available for purchase.

Indian Coat Back

indian coat back crop.jpg

Back side of the Indian Coat using the designs from the Indian Designs of the Americas Graph Book. Coat is fully reversible with grey on the inside. Knit with 100% Wool.

Coat is Not For Sale. Design Graphs are available for purchase.

Hieroglyph Jacket

heirojacket crop.jpg

This jacket shows the creative use of the hieroglyphs from the Egypt Revisted Book. 

Jacket is completely lined with stand up collar.

Jacket is Not for Sale. Designs graphs are available for purchase.

lav table4_2.jpg

Our lavender, sachets, knit washcloths, gift bags and soaps from france.

Lavender Festival

becker lave resize.jpg

Specialty items we thought you may enjoy from our gift boutique. Lavender Dish Towels From France, Ruffled Throw Pillows in French Inspired Fabrics, Small Handmade Gift Bags.


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